Welcome to my site! I hope you enjoy reading about Yemaya and me and our adventures on the high sea, land and all the trials and tribulations we encounter along the way!!! I believe we all have to have dreams. And no matter what you have gone through in life you can always overcome it and make your dreams a reality. My next adventure is to attempt to sail solo around the world! I hope to inspire people to follow their hearts desire and to dream big! And to leave as little foot prints as possible on this beautiful world of ours.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Linda, I think we met in the Alameda marina around Christmas. You kindly unlocked the bathroom door and spared me from public humiliation. Thanks again! I mentioned your plans to my friend Sonia in Port Townsend and she thinks she sailed with your boyfriend and met you too last summer. Small world. How’s the progress on Yemaya coming along? Are you still planning to head out this spring? I launched Shanti in January, but still have tons of work to do to finish the interior and various system installations etc. It would be good to keep in touch, as I’d love to hear about your experiences and discoveries as you lead the way westward. You can email me at mcgovernj4@aol.com and I can email you some pictures of Shanti.

    Take care,

  2. See you on the flip side for a jaunt avec moi or an @ the world duel ; – )

  3. Hi,

    I was googling around looking for other people cruising P10Ms and came across your site. I just started one about my P10M. Drop me a line at bmacfarquhar@gmail.com

    Best, Brooks

  4. Kristy

    Hi Linda,

    It was so nice to meet you. Thanks again for crewing on Yemaya’s little sister, Ulmer Spatz.

    Wishing you a nice trip down South.

    Kristy and Gilly

  5. AlamedaMarina

    Bon Voyages, Yemaya! Zeus be with you!

  6. Jason K

    Hey Linda, Jason from Marina Village here, email me at Captainjak@att.net regarding some things we received for you. Oh, and congrats on untying and heading out.

  7. John on Keala Akala

    Keep safe, keep dry, and keep on trucking. It is what it is my Sister!

  8. Venture Minimalists

    I can’t tell you how inspiring your blog is. I have just begun my journey to the sea and am refurbishing a 36′ keel boat with my husband with the intent of life long voyaging. I’m so happy to have found a woman who is doing that! Love your blog.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, I hope to see you out there some where down the blue high way. Good luck with your refit!

  9. Robert

    Great to see and read about 10m capabilities, hope to have mine ready for cruising soon, good luck on the rest of your journey, Rob

  10. Happy New Years and fair winds wherever you happen to be I’m sure its warm and wonderful 🙂

  11. Sailing around the world is a dream and your blog shows if you hang onto that dream and are determined enough you can give yourself the chance to turn a dream into reality.

  12. Hi!!!..So cool to see things come together…Brian just made me aware of your adventure..wowowo!!!…will follow with real interest…and hope to see you sail across the horizon somewhere..safe sailing and good luck!!….Don

  13. Sig.Anonimo

    Hi Linda! 🙂

    Excuse me, where is this location?

    I have realized a poster for my room, with this pic. 🙂
    Is very important for me… I LOVE this pic!

    Many thanks in advance!

    Greetings from “El Nido – Palawan”..
    (but i’m Italian…)

    Bye! 🙂

    • Hi !

      This was taken in Tonga, easy cruising grounds, beautiful clear water. Easy sailing from anchorage to anchorage!
      I hope you get to the pacific soon!

      Ciao Linda

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