Eddie Akiau


Waves and photos, never show the real size, so when Brian got shots like this with my trusty cannon point and shoot, I know the waves are massive. The Eddie went on 25 th feb 2016, and Waimea bay put on a beautiful show, spectacular waves, sometimes sets of 50 ft and more bombarding the bay. With the best of the best invited to surf these monster waves.

Mother Nature put on a fine show, displaying her strength and power. It’s hard to comprehend 50 plus feet waves, and then to have the balls to surf them!



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Love day

I always refused to beleive and celebrate Valentine’s Day, saying, “oh it’s too American”, or “I don’t believe in love and that mushy shit”, and “it’s just another commerical day for big business to sell more crap we don’t need”

So I decided to focus on the love aspect, and just celebrate, love, love in all its purist forms. Love for friends and family, love for the planet and all its creatures, love for nature. And just spreading love to all I meet.

Happy Love day, and try and be a rainbow in some else’s cloud.








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A favourite quote.


If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.

“Paulo Coelho”

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Rat part 2

I have to say, it freaks me out, trying to sleep while knowing there is a rat onboard, and the poloynesian rat, dosnt seem to be afraid of humans. It stole two of my lip balms, opened them up and ate the contents, Brian’s toothbrush holder which it opened up as well, my sink drain screen, ate a hole in my ditch bag, and left poop every where…….so disgusting. And cleaning the boat and checking to make sure everything is ok, is one big job.

Trying to figure out the best way to trap the rat, first I used peanut butter, which it didn’t really like, after four days, I put out some cooked sweet potato and caught him that night. Was sad as the trap did not kill him straight away, as you are led to beleive. And dealing with that was a whole lot of fun.

Moral of the story, stay of docks, but as life sometimes has it, you have to be tied to a dock, then take the proper precautions to keep el rat away.

Not fun at all, and the first time for me experiencing an intruder on board. Cannot even imagine finding a rat onboard while you are at sea……..don’t even want tto think about that!


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A rat, a rat, a rat I say.,…scampering and squeaking, making its way,
Through my charts in my boat, eating things as it goes.
What the hell is a rat doing in my boat,
Away, away you will go, a cat will chase and run you away.

So I lie in wait, for the sound of my prey,
that devilish rat , Dragging items away,
to his den , thinking he will stay.
Not Likely once I set those traps,that rat will be on its way.

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Happy new year!

Another year passes us by, and I think of all the wonderful experiences that have been had this year. New friends and experiences, storms to weather and bumps along the way, as we all traverse this wonderful planet together on our own private journeys.

I wish you all the best, for your dreams to come true, for love and laughter to fill your days, for you to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, to have loved ones by your side, to have new and wonderful experiences, and all the happiness in the world  to be yours.

Happy new year!

And my 2016, bring you every thing you dream of!

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Happy place.

Find what makes you happy and go there.

When I first discovered sailing, I had my ” ah ha” moment, finally I was home, after years of searching for my place in this world, I found it at sea. I was always drawn to the ocean, it’s soothing sound, nourishing waters, the warm charm of the pacific was my happy place.

Since I grew up in a land locked planned city, all I ever remember is wanting to be in and live by the ocean. My heart was happy at the sea shore, and at peace, longing for nothing but the salty air kissing my face, and the caressing touch of the warm Pacific Ocean freeing my soul, as each wave washed over me.

My mother told me, how when I was very young, I never learnt to crawl properly, and would crawl like a crab. We would drive down to the south coast, on the weekends and stay in our little caravan, with the night sky sparkling like diamonds as we sat around the fire cooking potatoes and enjoying the salty coastal air, All the kids running wild around the caravan park, so free and safe in the night.

And how we would go to the beach, my mum would place me on the towel, and all I would do was crawl like a crab to ocean, and get bowled over by waves, and laugh and keep crawling into the ocean. So she would run down and pick me up, place me on the towel……then off I would crab crawl back to the  Ocean. My home.

A mermaid for life.




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Radio geek

I love my ham radio, yes I know, such a geek…..but I can talk to the world for free plus sooo much more!

Sailing alone, you never feel lonely, just turn on the radio and search. Or if you are more organised, and have the guide to all the broadcasts and stations of the world, just look up a new station and tune in.
I recently have been reading about pirate stations, from a very informative site about shortwave radio
And it gets me excited thinking about all these new stations to find and listen too.

Well I finally got my general license, which enables me to use pretty much all the frequencies out there! It was quite difficult, memorise 400 plus questions, and for the first two weeks I was studying my old book, which was from July 2011 to July 2015…….then realised I hadn’t been studying the correct questions. (Sometimes I really wonder about myself.)
But, happy to have succeeded and have a gate way to the world via radio.

To complete my radio dream, is a Pactor modem, to enable email via the radio for free, via winlink. Always on the look out for one, if anyone has one not being used. Then my radio geekiness will be complete. 😀

To sign off for the night, a lovely quote, which resonates with me.

My heart is at ease
Knowing that what
Was meant for me
Will never miss me,
And what misses me
Was never
Meant for me.

Iman Shafi

73 🐬🌊🐳


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What an honour to go shark diving with these beauties of the ocean, next time I would love to swim with out the cage. It was still amazing to see the Sharks, Mainly Galapagos sharks, there was also a sighting of a tiger in the area that morning. Nothing beats that indigo blue of the ocean, and being a mermaid.

image image image image image image image image imageAt

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